Free First Aid & CPR for School Children – No Catch, just lifesaving skills

Free First Aid & CPR for School Children – No Catch, just lifesaving skills

Key Stage 2, 3 & 4 School Curriculum First Aid


FREE Student first aid aimed at *older primary school children and upwards*. Visit tabs below for full details

  • For onsite practical training at your school, including fees and FAQ’S, click here.
  • To begin online now simply complete the course in your own time or set as a homework project.

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About this course

*Please note: when individuals sign in, it does stipulate a minimum age of 13 years. This is due to GDPR and young students entering names and emails. Any age can complete the training as long as they can navigate the dashboard. (It is very self explanatory)  

FREE Student First Aid course teaches skills that will be useful in the most probable emergencies that school age students may face.

The course limits medical tools and terminology and focuses on emergencies and cardiac arrest. This online course takes 1 to 2 hours, plus an optional group practical skill evaluation if requested. Highly recommended for Schools.

This course can be completed independently at home, or in a supervised classroom setting.

Our Pro Trainings online platform is super simple to navigate. Watch the video lessons at your own pace, pause and resume when it suits you. Answer the incremental multiple-choice questions throughout the course and when you have completed all the lessons, you will be directed to the final assessment.

To make sure you really learn and retain the information, test questions are randomised. A video review following the final assessment is also customised around the students results. This  supports a thorough understanding of each topic

  • Front-row seat in the class
  • No PowerPoint based slides
  • Detailed bite sized video-based training with demonstrations
  • Subtitles for “sound off” viewing
  • Optional concise text lesson summary with key learning points accompanying each clip
  • Comprehensive manual and posters, and current regulatory guidelines updates
  • Access videos for up to 8 months after registration
  • Certified CPD evidence-based learning statement and certificate upon successful completion
  • Includes recent guidelines on infection prevention with the outbreak of Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2(SARSCoV2)


Free first aid training for primary and secondary school pupils

Course topics

•Introduction to First Aid
•Prevention of accidents and Keeping safe in an emergency
•Looking after someone in need
•Unconscious but breathing
•Adult and older children CPR
•Hands only CPR
•Heart Attack and Stroke
•Serious Bleeding and Shock
•Broken bones and spinal injury
•Allergic Reaction
•Asthma and Breathing Problems
•Treating Pets
•Summary and learning more


Students are asked pre-test questions after each group of videos to confirm understanding of the major points within those videos.

After the online training section, students are asked to take a final test. They must score an 80% or better to pass. The student is able to take the test again if they are not successful on the first attempt, and each test is recorded and viewable through a teacher dashboard. The test is comprised of multiple choice, scenario-based questions.


Certificates and a student manual are available to download and print at the end of the course.

Additional information

If you are a school or community group, for example Guides or Scouts why not book a practical session where our own instructor will provide hands on assessment and provide the manikins to complement the training?

There will be a small charge for practical sessions based on the number of students. There is no additional travel expense for schools in Cambridgeshire and neighbouring counties.

Classroom practical courses on site are subject to our risk assessment. The Bridge First aid is proud to offer socially distanced first aid where space allows. We have over 36 new adult, child, and infant manikins so training is safe and uninterrupted. These CPR Manikins are brand new and the latest model for 2020 where the air expelled from the lungs is vented out the back of the head.

Each learner will have their own dedicated manikin for the duration of the practical training. These manikins have electronic wireless feedback on compression depth and speed and chest recoil parameters. This is both fun and helpful as students can adjust their own technique in real time.

Our instructors who visit schools are DBS checked, and well accustomed to working with a broad demographic as well as learners with special educational needs.

To discuss an onsite practical session in support of the Free student course please get in touch.


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