It started with a question...

...why is first aid training so boring?

Great question.

Over the years, we’ve seen that the information taught in so many first aid courses is dry, lacks real-world context and is completely forgettable.

When it comes to using these first aid skills, many people forget the acronyms  and the basic skills they learned. Instead, they respond with uncertainty and fear. We wanted to know why this was and how we could change it.

So we thought of a better question…

What if you could teach someone life saving skills they will remember, and give them the confidence to use them?

Our founder

Jenny White founded The Bridge First Aid in 2011

You can read her personal story in ‘Once upon a time’. She explains why an innovative new approach was desperately needed, and shares the real catalyst behind her enduring mission.

Jenny combined her career history in corporate HR, the voluntary sector and the NHS, with an insatiable curiosity for psychology and understanding human behaviour, to develop a dynamic training organisation that produces impact.

She credits her dog Ando, and a passion for horses for her swift recovery after a close personal shave with burnout. Animals have been fundamental in managing her own mental health, and ongoing resilience.

In 2017 she completed her training to become a Mental Health First Aid instructor, accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health.

Her discoveries along the way have given her deep insight and informed her teaching style and course content.

Our courses

Our goal is to give you sustainable lifesaving skills you can use, not a just a certificate

We are masters at translating stale instructions it into a language that is relatable and memorable.

The backbone of our teaching style aims to shift your mindset in subtle ways to give you agency and a new perspective that you can’t un-see. Our experience and preparation behind the scenes results in lasting, yet simple skills.

Using the standardised curriculum as scaffolding, we build unique, practical courses. We never simply regurgitate information verbatim without carefully sourcing it and filtering it several times. The development of our courses involves a lot of unpicking, to ensure you are receiving the most up to date, accurate guidance.

“If you can’t explain it to your Grandma and your 11 year old, you don’t understand it well enough”

Why choose the Bridge?

Not all first aid training is equal

As we’ve established, we like to ask questions. So here are two more.

Why are we different?

The Bridge’s ethos is about teaching, not lecturing. It’s about understanding the topic you’re studying, not just passing an assessment and forgetting everything you learned as soon as you leave the training room. No two individuals are the same and we recognise that in our training style.

You will leave our courses feeling like you have really learnt something and that your questions have been answered. A lot of time, thought and energy goes into our delivery, so that we can achieve this. You should not finish a course feeling like you have homework to do, only space for new questions!

We aggregate the range of skills you require into one simple delivery. Nobody else does this. Our tailored solutions save you time and money.

We value curiosity, effort, and just doing what you love. It’s kindness clothed.

Why are we the same?

As traditional physical first aid goes, until the 2013 amendment to regulation, the same dry content was all there was.

Having a standardised basic curriculum is important. You can’t do your due diligence, measure and regulate without a benchmark.

All of our courses cover the regulated, required course content as mandated by the appropriate governing bodies.


It’s all about you

We're incredibly thorough, because you're incredibly busy

This is really an ‘About You’ page. All that we do today is done with you in mind. You are the compass that leads us to do better.

Our eLearning platforms are user friendly. No abbreviations, acronyms, or insider speak without clear explanations.

We aim to make finding the right course for you a seamless exercise; offering detailed, frank and current guidance, based on your starting point. We look at where you are now and where you want to go. You love our flexibility, adaptability and pick n mix options.

Our success is measured from the perspective of Before and After. What was your transition? What has changed? What do you understand now that you didn’t before? The Proof is in the pudding.

Some of our corporate clients and individual learners have kindly shared their own ‘before and after’ stories which you can read here.


The days of ‘off-the-shelf’ training programs are rapidly coming to a close. You expect training to be relevant to your own unique situation.

To bridge the gap.

Our Values

We value reciprocity

We love to share. We want you too to benefit from the little things we found that make a big difference. Enjoy and learn with our bridgesblogs and resource library.

We learn from our mistakes

Feedback is an essential part of how we develop. We openly accept that no one person or company is perfect, so we appreciate people who correct us when we slip up. Without them we may have carried on down the wrong path.

Mistakes can make the best teachers.

We support small (and local) business

Whist we offer training nationally, we are proud to be a Cambridge based business.
Local business is the backbone of both the local and national economies and we believe in championing other Independent Businesses, individuals, Voluntary, Community, Public Sector, Emergency Services, Private businesses, Charities. We support each others dreams.

Corona virus and Brexit, means leaning on smaller independents to provide flexibility, affordability, choice, and diversity.

Diversity and Accessibility

We consider accessibility as a high priority when selecting our venues.

We offer an inclusive, safe space for learners of all backgrounds.

When creating and delivering our courses, we do so with an awareness of the learning challenges faced by many. To name a few, we think about those with hearing impairments, physical disabilities, dyslexia, and those for whom English is not their first language. Language matters.

Environmentally conscious

We support the environment by reducing waste and reducing energy.

Find out more

Once upon a time

“Meet your problems with confidence and creativity, and they will turn into opportunities” Like all good stories there were tears, laughter and happily ever after moments which have seen the company continue grow and evolve. We hope you will be part of our future too.”

Our Mission

"To empower anyone to develop life changing functional skills by facilitating an inclusive space where learning is relevant, relatable and enjoyable".
We put a great deal of work into our training to create accessible tools and methodologies for learning.

Our Vision

Motivated by our clients’ needs and curiosity, we continue to explore the training landscape, developing quantifiable and practical skills. We build bridges and removing barriers, enabling individuals to improve the lives of themselves and others, because simple skills save lives.

Few would argue that learning and development is now more critical than ever to any organisation’s long-term success.

Our response to COVID-19

We keep it simple

Because life is confusing enough

2020: The year of conflicting information and uncertainty.

The World Health Organization: “Don’t wear masks.”
The WHO: “You must wear masks!”
WHO: “Masks don’t really help.”
Social media: “We will ban anything disagreeing with WHO.”

Learn how we are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Team

We are an enthusiastic and conscientious team of geeks, communicators, and facilitators. We love finding really cool new ways to impart interesting knowledge and data and teach first aid skills.

Jenny White

Founder, MHFA England approved instructor, Regulated L3 first aid trainer, Advanced pet first aid trainer, data geek & course creator.

Nikki Perry

Lead Trainer AKA Lovely Nikki, Mental Health First Aider

Lily Jones

Bookings Coordinator

Tim Byrne

Specialist Trainer & course creative panel, (Construction) NVQ Assessment & Training, LGBT + Consultant (Steel Industry), Mental Health First Aider

Michelle White

Writer & sounding board, Mental Health First Aider

Nakita Gilbert

MHFA Online Trainer & course creative panel; staff engagement, wellbeing activities, & EDI (Equality, Diversity, And Inclusion)

Bill Williams

First Aid Trainer, Senior Technician frontline ambulance services & Solo responder

Daniel Walpole

First Aid Trainer, Operator Training Instructor/assessor – Counterbalance Forklift Trucks, (B1, B2), Pallet Truck Training (A1, A2, A3)


First Aid Trainer, Firefighter

Hannah Koeller

Hannah K (Course Creative Panel) Bachelor Degree in Osteopathy (British School of Osteopathy) Head Practitioner & Registered Osteopath B. Ost. PG Dip Animal Osteopathy


Helper, Non judgemental listener