Your niche is our priority

What is Pick n Mix?

We understand that all organisations differ and therefore their training needs are going to differ, especially for specialist and niche fields.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility in responding to specific, niche requirements. It is our response ‘ability’, which makes us the preferred training provider for so many organisations. We cater to personal preference and individual circumstances without compromising standards.

To give you an idea

To show you what we mean, here are a few examples of our pick n mix approach:

  • Combined training: This is where you certify with two qualifications yet only attend one course, which has been extended to cover the additional content. For example, if you attend a Level 3, 18-hour First Aid at Work (FAW) and take two assessments you can certify in both the 12 hour Paediatric First aid (PFA) and the full 18 hour First Aid at Work.
  • Modifications and specific focus: Whilst providing Physical first aid to a school, we were informed that one of their pupils had haemophilia. We were able to offer additional haemophilia awareness training for all those staff who were not already first aid trained, thus giving the staff more confidence and the pupil a safer environment
  • Tailored to your needs: On offering training to a kennels based in Essex, we were able to deliver the mandated physical first aid as well as canine first aid with an additional focus on responding to Adder bites (in humans and animals), which had been an issue based on their location.
  • Combined awareness sessions: An arts organisation requested a bespoke awareness course for their residents, covering basic physical first aid and mental health awareness. This was a non-certified informative session aimed at developing confidence and understanding.

What do you need?

You may already know that you have a duel requirement. Your organisations training needs sit outside a standard off-the-peg syllabus and it feels costly and time consuming to find the right solution. This is when our ‘Pick n Mix’ offering really comes into its own.

Do pick 'n mix options meet the appropriate regulatory standards?

In a word. Yes.

Many of our first aid courses are mandatory, with a list of prescribed learning objectives dictated by an external UK governing body or regulator. We are not changing these standards or working outside the rules. We are simply combining and tailoring the content to a delivery which meets all your needs together.

You can learn more about course accreditation here.

Why such a dynamic course catalogue?

Let’s say you attend a first aid course. A question comes up which takes you into a side topic. You disappear down the rabbit hole. Some of the group follow, enthusiastically sharing experiences and stories. The diversion is parked, but then carries on during the coffee break, takes a new turn and continues in the hallway at the end of the day. You’ve learned what you intended to that day but have left with a whole new set of related questions. Learning has a funny way of doing that!

Over the years we have seen this happen time and again. This is why we continually diversify our course catalogue. We aim to be ready to answer those questions, or to know someone else who can. The chances are that if you find a side topic important, someone else will too.

As an open-minded organisation we are receptive to opportunity. We recognise patterns. We value curiosity. We understand how connections between seemingly unrelated topics come together, and we respond to that.


What does pick ’n mix look like?

Whatever you want it to

Choose your combination of course set up and delivery style. Have a look at some of the options below and see what suits you. We’d love to discuss how we can customise our courses to meet your needs, without compromising on quality.

Call us for an open discussion.

In house training

We deliver a programme to meet your workplace Health Needs Assessment (HNA) and organisational culture. In house training can be delivered on site or we can provide a comfortable venue. Arrangements can be tailored to your group.

On site delivery

We bring the training course to you. Do not worry if you are not set up for training, we have turned the most formidable of spaces into wonderful learning environments. We have a training venue general risk assessment form and will work it out between us.


We are here to fill the skills gap in your need’s assessment analysis, and can offer bespoke training which does that. We embrace the complex interplay between health and wellness understand what that means for training. This is the core of our mission and what we do best.

Classroom Training

We believe face to face, in-person training is irreplaceable. The human experience of a classroom setting, involving discussion and interactions with others, enhances learning and retention, when done right. (We do it right)

Blended Training

As in life, sometimes in training, the answer is "a bit of both". Our blended delivery capitalises on the benefits of on line and in person training to achieve learning in the most efficient way.

Online Training

Sometimes a quality online course can be just what is required. Access the training when and where is convenient for you. All our on-line courses are quality assured.

Live, Interactive Online Training

Face to face training isn’t always possible but that interactive aspect is still important to get the best out of your course. We can now offer many of our courses as live online sessions (for example via Teams or Zoom).

There’s more...


Discounts are available for charities and voluntary organisations, students, unemployed and all return clients. We also offer discounts for group bookings, regardless of whether individuals attend as part of an onsite group delivery or at one of our open classroom courses.

Free courses

During lockdown we invested a great deal of time researching online training. We looked at online courses over a range of price points, including those sceptically discounted training (was £900 now £29.95… hmmm?) as well as and free resources. Price was not always an indication of quality!

We have a number of free courses we recommend which you can find in our course listings. All have been individually reviewed by us to ensure quality.


Understanding your ‘Why'

Does your motivation matter?

Motivation can originate from a deficiency or a growth mindset. That is, you lack something which you need (such as legally required first aiders), or you want to learn, grow and improve (you want to go above and beyond the basic requirements). We can satisfy both these needs and wants at the same time.

We are a creative and evolving organisation and embrace the complex interplay between the health and wellness issues we deal with day-to-day. We understand that in the real world, our course content touches on disciplines as varied as psychology, anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, nutritional science, social science and more. It is important to acknowledge these complexities so we can begin to unpick them. This is where our courses really come alive and stand out from the crowd.

We love to combine ideas and continue to improve our content and delivery so we can better serve our essential mission; to equip you with simple skills which save lives.

Creativity and innovation

Truly ground-breaking ideas are rare and often accidental or borne out of necessity. Innovation is usually achieved through the bending, breaking or blending of established ideas in new ways. Creativity is hard to pin down but we embrace the definition that it is ‘the logical combination of two or more existing elements that result in a new concept’.

"That’s it. Make two lists of what people love. Combine them.
Have fun"

James Altucher