“We learn from our clients. We learn from mistakes. We improve.”

Happy Customers

As part of our Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) we ask you to compare personal confidence, knowledge and understanding before and after a course.

We think this is more valuable than a traditional feedback questionnaire. There is something enduringly appealing about a before and after comparison. It gives a deep sense of satisfaction following a genuine achievement.

We are thoroughly committed to maintaining your complete satisfaction. We teach listening skills, which are harder to master than you’d think, so we know our biases. (Hobnobs are far nicer than digestives)

Quality is ingrained in us, so we can’t purchase anything without downloading an independent ‘which?’ report. It’s annoying. It feels time consuming, when in reality it saves time.

The point here is that we appreciate honest feedback. Not only does it help others but is vital. Being praised triggers the release of dopamine. As well as making us feel good, dopamine can also contribute to innovative thinking and creative problem-solving. Perfect.

Read about some of our client’s before and after experiences below

In the press

Intelligent Horsemanship Magazine

Equestrian themed Mental Health First Aid

Cambridge Independent

Cambridge University Boat Club joins Cambridge United Football Club

Two day Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) onsite for our marvellous national clients.
We have since been invited back. We think this speaks volumes.

M&C Saatchi MHFAiders London

Allen Lane Recruitment MHFAiders London

University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine MHFAiders Addenbrookes Hospital

Millie's Trust first MHFAiders (Millie's trust now deliver this training too)

Physical First Aid in Cambridge

Bumpkins Nursery & Pre-School

"Brilliant delivery and explanations, such fun learning important skills"

Huntingdon Olympic Gymnastics Club

"Brilliant! Finally first aid delivered in a way we can remember and relate to" (AED from the Oliver King Foundation)

NCS Group at Cambridge United

"This course was very good, I'm surprised what hard work CPR is, after two minutes I was sweating but at least I won't forget what to do"

Cambridge University Women's Boat Club (CUWBC)

Rob Baker Chief Coach, handing over to fellow helper Robert Weber, women's coach;
"I can honestly say that’s the most no-nonsense first aid course I have ever done."

Hector and Hiyori aged 9 and the dog apparently

Learning First Aid just for fun; "This is easy"

BADU Sports spinal management

"Really great course. It’s so important all our coaches feel confident and competent, not just tick a box"

Millie's Trust Family First Aid

"As a new parent I was really worried in case something happened to my new baby. I definitely feel much happier about parenthood after today"

Downing College Boat Club Cambridge

"Informative and memorable. Jenny also made it relatable to rowing and situations that may occur on the river. I loved the style of delivery. It was great to practice and talk through scenarios"

Trinity College Cambridge 1st Year Medics

"The course was brilliant and so helpful to know what to do outside a clinical setting. The course was memorable and should be mandatory"

Summer School Cambridge United Football Club

"I really want to be a Doctor or a paramedic when I leave school now, it was so interesting and I am really confident"

Onsite Canine First Aid

"I am a police dog handler and think all front-line services also need to have this training. Brilliant course"

Mimram Boarding Kennels

"It's really important our staff all know what to do if one our dogs needs first aid. The Bridge First Aid are professional and knowledgeable, we have booked a second delivery for our staff."

Free canine first aid in support of local charity; Jimmy's Cambridge

"This course was made incredibly accessible, and catered for all residents and their dogs. A real life line. Jenny always make everyone feel so welcome and at ease."

Canine first aid Open Group Hosted by heartofhertsk9.com

Delivered in a local equestrian shop. "I have trained with the Bridge First Aid in the past and wanted to offer this great course to my dog class clients"

Mutterly Gorgeous Dog Grooming, Stevenage

Canine CPR and First aid delivered on site in the salon.

Mutterly Gorgeous Dog Grooming, Stevenage

"Jenny was brilliant and shared some incredible stories and tips. We did basic dog first aid on the dog grooming course but today was much more in depth"

Herts Countryside Dog Walking and Day care

Spot the real dog "thank you for an amazing afternoon, the course was excellent."

A group of responsible pet owners

"So glad we came. I feel much more confident about travelling with my dog now. The free resources are also super helpful, highly recommend this course to all dog owners"


Word for word feedback from our clients