*Certificate download instructions below

Simply login to your dashboard using the email/username entered at registration. Helpful instruction screenshots below.

*If you attended a course as part of an in-house group, we'll send your certificate directly to your employer or payee. For problems logging in please contact the ProTrainings support line on 01206 805359

Why you can’t access your certificate

  • You have not finished your online video learning.

  • You have not paid for the course.
  • You have completed the blended day 1 more than 4 weeks prior to the classroom session. If this is the case, please contact support@protrainings.uk with your practical course details (date, qualification title, full name). You will not be required to complete all of the blended day 1 video lessons again, but may be required to repeat the final few questions. Once completed let us know and we can then issue the certificate.

Finally, look out for a reminder from us ahead of your certificate expiry, so you can rebook with confidence. Three years fly’s by. We love seeing you all again and hearing about the promises you have kept to yourself, and what exciting things you’ve been up to.