Not all wounds are visible

Physical First Aid

Mental Health First Aid

Animal First Aid

Simple Skills Save Lives

The Bridge First Aid are dedicated to teaching you simple skills you can rely on

We offer a refreshingly unique and innovative approach to traditional first aid training.

Priding ourselves on being professional and flexible, we deliver regulated training courses throughout Cambridgeshire and beyond. We provide students with a broad spectrum of learning experiences for vocational or work-related training, approved and accredited by National Awarding Bodies.

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Physical First Aid

The Bridge offers physical first aid training to suit all your needs. Courses include regulated First Aid at Work (FAW), Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW), Paediatric First Aid (PFA), sports first aid, Basic Life Support (BLS) and Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) courses.
We have the whole gamut.

Mental Health First Aid

Do you view mental health with the same importance as physical health?
Our Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) courses help bridge the parity gap between physical and mental health in a society where mental illness is a serious and growing public health concern. Take a proactive approach and learn the benefits of early intervention.

Animal First Aid

Animals support our physical health and mental wellbeing every day. Learn the essential skills to support theirs.
Courses for dog walkers, dog handlers, pet professionals, equestrians, therapists, and corporate team building.

We are always evolveing

Our course catalogue and training services continue to evolve to meet the demands of a changing landscape.
When ideas combine, new exciting courses are born. Find out more about us and become part of our journey.

Arranging the appropriate training is a seamless process

On-site training available nationally

We bring the training course to you. We've delivered training in offices, farms, kennels, stables, schools, hospitals, boathouses, gyms, football stadiums and private dwellings. How about your place?

In-house training available nationally

We deliver a programme to meet your workplace Health Needs Assessment (HNA) and organisational culture. In-house training can be delivered on-site or we can organise a venue on your behalf. Training can be arranged to accommodate your unique circumstances.

Bespoke training

We are here to fill the gap in your needs assessment analysis or meet your personal curiosity. If you want something a little extra than the traditional courses, we would love to discuss your requirements.

Your niche is our priority

We can offer a tailored combination of courses to suit specialist organisations. You ask and we deliver. This is our response 'ability'.
Pick and mix your skills to match your individual training needs.

We use the best quality ingredients

Classroom training courses

Face-to-face scheduled classroom training will always be our preference. We strongly believe in the value of in-person delivery for longer courses. The visceral nature of classroom courses matters to us.

Blended training courses

Offering a mix of in-person and online training, our accredited blended courses are convenient and easy to navigate. We use video based blended training so it’s like having your own private instructor whom you can play and pause on demand.

Online training courses

Our credible online courses are interactive and track progress, ensuring you achieve your learning goals. We also have some brilliant free online courses. Fill your boots!

What first aid personnel does your company need?

Use our simple interactive tool to decipher your organisations' first aid personnel requirements or request a free Health & Safety guide.

Resource Library

Comprehensive and easy to navigate

Once you're a qualified first aider, in any capacity, it is your responsibility to keep your skills current. As part of our complementary service we provide ongoing support and advice to our learners. After your course, you can access our credible, fully sourced resource library for practical follow up materials.