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This library is regularly updated in line with current industry specific guidelines and the latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) publications.

If you have already attended one of our courses, your instructor will have made reference to materials which can be found within the library. Student manuals, posters, podcasts, case studies, tool-kits, legislation, myth busters, latest scientific research and studies. Please check your course follow up email for access to the restricted areas. Chose your area of interest from the icons below.

If there are specific items which you think may benefit others and would like to see added, please feel free to contact us.


Is a pandemic more detrimental to your physical or mental health?


A parity approach is required.

Physical First Aid Resources

Includes course follow up resources as referred to by your instructor during your recent practical course.

Parity of Esteem Resources for Everyone

Where physical and mental health needs are treated equally.

Resources for Mental Health First Aiders

Classroom course follow up resources in support of your new role as a mental health first aider.

Animal First Aid Resources

Includes "Petworking" and animal course follow up resources.