3 Day Equestrian First Aid at Work + (E) EQUINE (FAW) BHS Compliant near Newmarket, Cambridge CB9 7LR

3 Day Equestrian First Aid at Work + (E) EQUINE (FAW) BHS Compliant near Newmarket, Cambridge CB9 7LR

Day 1 online anytime, + classroom practical days June 27th & 28th


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About this course

We will set you up with day 1 online video lessons, (no tech knowledge required) you can watch these in your own time from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Then come along to Day 2: 9.30 am to 16.30 pm, Thursday 27th June & Day 3 (short day) Friday 28th June.

This First Aid at Work + E (Equine) Level 3 course, with additional equestrian knowledge, is for all horse industry organisations whose risk assessment has identified that they require a fully trained first aider, or as part of the BHS Career Pathway requirements.

If you are not an independent self employed riding instructor and work within a larger equestrian organisation, we also recommend at least 1 fully qualified with the Emergency First Aid at Work 1 day EFAW + Equine, on-site at all times.

This 3 day First Aid at Work (FAW) + Equine course is for all equine businesses due to the high risk involved when working with horses.

FAW + Equine is the most comprehensive first aid training course, most suited to those working in theses high-risk environments. To learn more visit our which course do I need? page.

How do I access day 1 online?

We will email you a link, username and password. or you can hop onto our BLENDED PORTAL PAGE,

Tell me more about the online lessons

The day 1 online platform is super simple to navigate. Watch the video lessons at your own pace, pause and resume when it suits you. Answer the multiple-choice questions throughout the course and when you have completed all the lessons, you will be directed to the final assessment.

We will email you a link, username and password. The day 1 online platform is super simple to navigate. Watch the video lessons at your own pace, pause and resume when it suits you. Answer the multiple-choice questions throughout the course and when you have completed all the lessons, you will be directed to the final assessment.

To make sure you really learn and retain the information, test questions are randomised. A video review following the final assessment is customised to support a thorough understanding of each topic

  • Front-row seat in the class
  • No PowerPoint based slides
  • Detailed bite sized video-based training with demonstrations
  • Subtitles for “sound off” viewing
  • Optional concise text lesson summary with key learning points accompanying each clip
  • Comprehensive manual and posters, and current regulatory guidelines updates
  • Access videos for up to 8 months after purchase
  • Certified CPD evidence-based learning statement and certificate upon successful completion
  • Includes recent guidelines on infection prevention with the outbreak of Severe acute respiratory syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARSCoV2)

What to expect and how to prepare for your classroom training.

Please complete day 1 online prior to the classroom practical. On arrival, you will be given a debrief. Hand sanitiser, training props, individual manikins, and everything you need for the course is provided. Come with an open mind and burning questions.

Our instructors are experienced in creating and facilitating a non-judgemental and entertaining learning environment. We encourage participants to take away this attitude into their own lives following the training. All learners are made to feel safe and included, and we often see the group bond as a result.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring some photo ID to day 2, as is required in order to validate this award.

You may wish to bring a notebook for any additional notes. Covid-19 secure refreshments are complementary throughout the training, but we do ask you to bring your own favourite mug, and your lunch. There is ample fridge space and Budgens 1-mile, fast food outlets and supermarkets 2.5 miles. We have everything else covered.

We are also fully aware of the anxiety that many students have over coming into a public space. There is a lot to think about which we have already thought about. You are in safe hands.

Anything else? 

Your instructor will send you an e mail a couple of days prior to the classroom training, so that you have their contact details should you be running late, or have additional accessibility requirements.

This course can also be delivered on site at a reduced group fee (subject to our risk assessment)


Anyone working with horses including:
Horse Racing Industry
Riding Instructors
Grooms and stable managers
Professional riders
Fence judges
Horse Breeders
Horse Trainers

BHS Accredited Professional Coaches are required to keep their first aid qualification up-to-date

Course topics

First Aid and Safety implications in the Equestrian Industry, and specific differences to general high hazard industrial organisations., discussed throughout our practical sessions.

Initial Care
First Aid at Work Regulations and Rules
Accident Reporting
Activating Emergency Medical Services
Fears of First Aid
Barriers - gloves and face barriers
Initial Assessment and airway management
Unconscious Breathing and Recovery Position
Cardiac Problems
The Heart
Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Heart Attacks and CPR
One Rescuer CPR
Compressions only CPR
CPR Handover to a Second Rescuer
Introduction to AED's
Other Primary Care First Aid Problems
Adult Choking, Conscious and Unconscious
Serious Bleeding Management and Wounds
Shock Management and types of Shock
Spinal Injury Management
Specific Injury Management
Injury Assessment
Breaks, Fractures and Splinting
Strains and Sprains
Types of Wounds and Practice Bandaging different Injuries
Embedded Objects
Burns and Scalds
Head Injuries
Temperature Injuries - Heat Stroke, Heat Exhaustion and Hypothermia
Eye Injuries
Bites and Stings
Crush Injuries
Chest Injuries
Electrical Injuries
Illness Management
Illness Assessment
The Respiratory System and Hypoxia
Anaphylactic Shock
Heart Attack
Asthma and Respiratory Problems
Learning Outcomes

Unit 1: Emergency First Aid in the Workplace (credit can be given in some cases if already completed recently)
1 Understand the role and responsibilities of a first aider.
1.1 Identify the role and responsibilities of a first aider.
1.2 Describe how to minimise the risk of infection to self and others.
1.3 Identify the need for establishing consent to provide first aid.
1.4 Complete an accident report form.
1.5 Identify the first aid equipment that should be available in a workplace.
1.6 Describe the safe use of first aid equipment.
2 Be able to assess an incident.
2.1 Conduct a scene survey.
2.2 Conduct a primary survey of a casualty.
2.3 Give examples of when to call for help.
3 Be able to manage an unresponsive casualty who is breathing normally.
3.1 Assess a casualty’s level of consciousness.
3.2 Open a casualty’s airway and check breathing.
3.3 Explain why it is important to place an unconscious casualty into the recovery position.
3.4 Place an unresponsive casualty in the recovery position.
3.5 Manage a casualty who is in seizure.
4 Be able to manage an unresponsive casualty who is not breathing normally.
4.1 Recognise the need to commence Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation.
4.2 Demonstrate Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation using a manikin.
5 Be able to recognise and assist a casualty who is choking.
5.1 Describe how to identify a casualty with a
Partially blocked airway
Completely blocked airway
5.2 Administer first aid to a casualty who is choking.
6 Be able to manage a casualty with external bleeding.
6.1 Identify the types of external bleeding.
6.2 Control external bleeding.
7 Be able to manage a casualty who is in shock.
7.1 Recognise shock.
7.2 Administer first aid to a casualty who is in shock.
8 Be able to manage a casualty with a minor injury.
8.1 Administer first aid to a casualty with small cuts, grazes and bruises.
8.2 Administer first aid to a casualty with minor burns and scalds.
8.3 Administer first aid to a casualty with small splinters

Unit 2: Recognition and Management of Illness and Injury in the Workplace

1 Be able to conduct a secondary survey.
1.1 Identify the information to be collected when gathering a casualty history.
1.2 Conduct a head to toe survey.
2 Be able to administer first aid to a casualty with injuries to bones, muscles and joints.
2.1 Recognise suspected; Fractures, Dislocations, Sprains and strains
2.2 Administer first aid for; Fractures, Dislocations, Sprains and strains
3 Be able to administer First Aid to a casualty with suspected head and spinal injuries.
3.1 Recognise suspected; Concussion, Skull fracture, Cerebral compression, Spinal injury
3.2 Administer first aid for suspected; Concussion, Skull Fracture, Cerebral compression, Spinal injury
4 Be able to administer First Aid to a casualty with suspected chest injuries.
4.1 Recognise the different types of chest injury.
4.2 Administer first aid for a chest injury.
5 Be able to administer First Aid to a casualty with burns and scalds.
5.1 Recognise the factors that affect the severity of burns and scalds.
5.2 Administer first aid for burns involving; Dry heat, Wet heat, Electricity and Chemicals
6 Be able to administer First Aid to a casualty with an eye injury.
6.1 Give examples of common eye injuries.
6.2 Administer first aid for eye injuries involving; Dust, Chemicals and Embedded objects
7 Be able to administer First Aid to a casualty with sudden poisoning.
7.1 Identify the routes that poisons can take to enter the body.
7.2 Administer immediate first aid to a casualty affected by sudden poisoning.
7.3 Identify sources of information for treating those affected by sudden poisoning.
8 Be able to administer First Aid to a casualty with anaphylaxis.
8.1 Identify common triggers for anaphylaxis.
8.2 Recognise anaphylaxis.
8.3 Administer immediate first aid for a casualty suffering from anaphylaxis.
9 Be able to provide First Aid to a casualty with suspected major illness.
9.1 Recognise major illnesses including; Heart Attack, Stroke, Epilepsy, Asthma and Diabetes
9.2 Administer first aid to a casualty suffering from major illnesses including; Heart Attack, Stroke, Epilepsy, Asthma and Diabetes


Online assessment - Day 1
Watch the video lessons at your own pace and answer the incremental multiple-choice questions throughout the course. When you have completed all the lessons, you will be directed to the final assessment. Students must score at least 70% to pass.

Classroom practical - Days 2 and 3
Assessment usually takes the form of continuous observation by the trainer and or written assessments. We do not want you to be daunted by this prospect. It is our job to ensure you understand and retain the knowledge you are being assessed on. This is what we do best.


Successful candidates will receive a digital certificate and CPD statement, student manual and access to regular refresher videos ensuring knowledge remains current.

The certificate can be used as evidence in any HSE compliance inspections for individuals as well as private employers. Digital certificates will be sent within 7 working days of the course and are valid for three years. From spring/summer 2021 our certificates will also have a QR code on them where students or employers can scan to show the course content, CPD details and validate the certificate.

Wall Mount Certificates

If you still require a wall mount certificate, please send us your postal address. There is a fee for this service to encourage environmentally friendly practices, and to cover the costs of printing and secure postage.

Regulated Qualifications

This course can also be certified as a regulated qualification. A regulated qualification is ‘not’ a mandate for compliance with Ofsted or the HSE unless learners require funding, or where an industry or trade body specifically states a regulated qualification is required.
The Bridge First Aid offer Regulated and endorsed qualifications through TQUK who are Ofqual registered. The assessment and administration criteria to be undertaken for a regulated certification carries a certification charge of £10 per delegate.

Please visit our course accreditation page to learn more.

Additional information

Accessibility: Please contact us in advance if you have any accessibility questions or requirements.

On the day: Important Information 

If you or anyone in your household has any symptoms of the Coronavirus disease, please do not come to the training. Instead, stay at home and follow the advice on the NHS website

Call us on 07880 542663 if you need to postpone and we will arrange an alternative classroom date.

We have worked hard to make sure you feel comfortable and enjoy the course despite social distancing and new non-contact ways to teach.

What to expect and how to prepare for your classroom training:

  • On arrival, you will be allocated your own manikins, and given a goodie pack with everything you need for the course.
  • You may wish to bring a notebook for any additional notes.
  • Do wear comfortable clothing as this course has an element of physical/ practical activity.
  • If it is suitable weather and the learners are all in agreement, some of the training may take place outdoors.
  • You will need to bring some Photo ID to the classroom (required for a level 3 qualification).
  • If appropriate, we encourage you could check the status of your current work first aid kit and your accident report forms before the course as it might be useful for comparison. If this is not applicable to your circumstances, please do not worry, we will go through this during the course.

Group bookings

A discount is applied when booking 3 or more seats. 

If you are running late or have any issues on day of the course, please contact your trainer. You will be notified of their name and mobile number by email prior to the training.


The Bridge First Aid
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Fusion Conferences
Fusion Conferences
11:17 09 Dec 22
A refreshing and super friendly first aid training experience. Immediately following training, my entire team asked if we could re-book with The Bridge next time as it was so enjoyable. Previous first aid training has consisted of lots of role play, audience participation and practical assessments. The Bridge take a really unique approach to training and as a result, it's so engaging and actually quite fun! Nikki was just brilliant. She is warm, friendly, approachable and captivated the group with her incredible training technique. She refers to a lot of personal experiences in first aid which really help you retain information and due to her wealth of knowledge and real life experiences she has so many tips and tricks that would genuinely apply to every day situations - it's not just text book! I feel very lucky knowing my team have trained with Nikki, not only has our first aid knowledge improved significantly but I feel very confident if an accident or emergency were to occur during an event, my team could confidently assist until professional help was available. Thank you so much to The Bridge. Hands down the best first aid training experience you'll find. Could not recommend more highly!!
Emily Bicknell
Emily Bicknell
15:01 08 Dec 22
I would recommend this Bridge First Aid for the following reasons:- I booked the EFAW course through Jenny, who's communication was brilliant from start to finish, this meant there were no issues when Nikki arrived and could get set-up straight away.- Nikki was super laid back and had a sense of humor which always helps with courses like this, that can usually feel like they are dragging.- We didn't feel overwhelmed with information and she had so many relevant stories and examples which helped us to retain the information.- She made everyone feel comfortable so we were all happy to join in throughout.- No role play!!Couldn't recommend enough!
Elle Page
Elle Page
21:02 23 Nov 22
Today I attended a 6 hour ‘First Aid at Work’ course, facilitated by Nikki. Over the years I have attended many first aid courses, run by various providers. I have to say, this one was by far the most superior! Nikki should be the gold standard for all classroom based training! There are so many reasons I enjoyed both the course and the teaching style, that I’d take up a whole review page if I wrote about them, so I’ll bullet point them as follows:* Nikki introduced herself and her background, also the company background* Nikki spoke warmly of her colleagues and friends, which is always a good sign of a decent human being!* Nikki was inclusive and sensitive towards the possible needs of others* The course content was engaging and fun, which made it very memorable* Although there were PowerPoint slides in the background, these were not the focus of the session, so it never felt slow or tiring* No one was singled out or challenged, yet we were all guided in the right direction and given an opportunity to demonstrate our knowledge* At no point did I feel our facilitator droned on or waffled, yet I felt we went into great detail with all things ‘first aid’To summarise, I left feeling I had gained a wealth of knowledge, and completely confident in my first aid skills, should they be called upon. I would absolutely recommend this company and course! Thanks again.
Fern Spencer
Fern Spencer
12:20 23 Nov 22
I attended the MHFA training which was brilliant. Jenny created a safe and open environment for everyone on such personal topics. She equipped me to support others in their mental health but also my own. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Thank you.
Janice Walsh
Janice Walsh
17:21 20 Nov 22
Highly recommended. Great communication before, during and after the training. Jenny is an amazing - both as a facilitator and as a person. She is knowledgeable, informative and approachable.I completed the 2-day MHFA course over two consecutive Wednesdays and found this to be the perfect schedule. The course is demanding but having a break between the days allows time to reflect on learning from the first day before completing the second day.
Debra Brown
Debra Brown
11:39 10 Oct 22
Course run by Jenny White was great, very supportive. Course was delivered effectively, smoothly and gave us all confidence to be MHFA First Aiders.
Nicola Cooper
Nicola Cooper
10:06 10 Oct 22
Just finished my MHFA course run by Jenny and really enjoyed it. A great blended learning approach delivered with empathy and understanding. Jenny is amazing at teaching with stories to support thinking and has a very approachable manner. Would highly recommend.
Rebecca James
Rebecca James
19:26 18 Sep 22
Another amazing experience and I will be back for sure! Nicki was a fab teacher and made the day go super fast as it was both enjoyable and informative.Many thanks, would highly recommend.
Schia Mitchell
Schia Mitchell
10:00 18 Jul 22
I was so delighted to find such a good first aid course local to me. The instructor knew her stuff and was great at getting it across in an interesting and engaging way. I feel much more confident now and will definitely be back for my refresher in three years :) Thank you!
Archie Farrer
Archie Farrer
08:53 09 Jul 22
I had Nikki for my training she was warm and welcoming and she made the course enjoyable and fun .I couldn’t ask for a better instructor
Martin Harvey
Martin Harvey
14:14 17 Jun 22
A very well-organised course, the blend of online and in-person worked really well for me. The online videos and other resources are clear and well-presented. I find first aid training quite daunting to take part in, but the in-person training provided by Nikki was very sensitively handled - Nikki was great at working with a diverse group and ensuring we were following the elements we needed to cover. The organisation of the booking and the follow-up communications have also been excellent. Fully recommended.
Lynn Hawkins
Lynn Hawkins
19:09 12 Jun 22
From my initial phone call asking questions about the course, I received quick and precise communication and support.The blended course enables you to complete the first day around your own calendar over a prolonged period, either do it all at once or 1 hour a day. This was great, it meant I could fit it around work and if I began to fade, I could turn it off and return later.The face to face day was just as good. Nicky presents the information using real life situations, enabling the group to ask learn, laugh and ask questions in a relaxed environment. Thus resulting in us all learning so much more.Nicky, you were right about the 4 hand signals, I think they are totally embedded in my brain and definitely enabled me to understand.I would recommend this course to anyone who wants or needs a first aid qualification.Many thanks to both of you.
John Windsor-smith
John Windsor-smith
17:32 28 May 22
My FAW course with The Bridge first aid Ltd was far superior to any I have previously taken and I would thoroughly recommend it.
Dan Smith
Dan Smith
13:19 07 Mar 22
Nikki was absolutely excellent and explained everything in an in depth, but understandable way. Would absolutely recommend and will be back again in three years when all our staff need a refresher!
21:16 25 Feb 22
Very friendly and knowledgeable trainer, made the course enjoyable. I came away feeling confident with what I’d learnt. Thank you.
Adam Stefaniak
Adam Stefaniak
14:09 25 Feb 22
Very happy with the team, very helpful and friendly. The course was well presented, both online and in classroom.
jason weston
jason weston
08:23 20 Jan 22
Fantasic course and made to feel very welcome, informative and made fun so everyone felt at ease.Would highly reccomend The Bridge First Aid.
Hilary Mundell
Hilary Mundell
13:50 26 Nov 21
Thank you! Brilliant memorable couse
Simon Lewis
Simon Lewis
06:08 15 Oct 21
Did an occupational mental health first aid course with Jenny. The simple feedback is that EVERYONE should do this. It doesn't hurt. In fact, for such a serious topic, it's fun at times. Jenny's depth of knowledge and experience brings the subject alive.
Elaine Cole
Elaine Cole
11:11 24 Sep 21
This has to be by far one of the best training courses I've have attended. The course was informative, interactive and extremely relevant. I feel that I have learnt so much and I have been able to retain the information and I'm looking forward to putting my new found knowledge into practice I thoroughly enjoyed it and the course instructor Jenny was fantastic - highly recommend
Adam Salter
Adam Salter
08:19 10 Sep 21
The trainer was clear and delivered the information in a engaging manner. It was an informative session with easy to follow demonstrations as well as the trainer drawing from their own experiences of delivering first aid in real-life situations which added to the day. I went away with video references that further assisted my understanding. I would recommend this course to anyone looking for an understanding of the requirements of a first aider.
Gareth Simpson
Gareth Simpson
20:38 01 Sep 21
Sometimes these courses can feel like they drag on. This was very informative, yet made fun by the instructor while maintaining the understanding the seriousness of correct first aid.Great value for money, giving our staff confidence and well adapted regarding COVID restrictions
Sophie Mason
Sophie Mason
10:46 01 Sep 21
This course was fantastic compared to other first aid courses I have completed in the past. A very lovely, enthusiastic tutor who explained everything so well, great environment and relaxed approach. I will be booking again in 3 years and hope to book onto other courses with this company! Thank you!
Hazel Greenstiles
Hazel Greenstiles
12:15 28 Aug 21
Jenny has got the knack of getting over the important facts about first aid whilst at the same time not giving out so much information to overload one's brain. The nuggets of information enabled me to think more deeply about the topics while remembering the knowledge I would need when involved with helping someone. I would certainly recommend this course to everyone who would like to feel more confident when helping someone. Thank you Jenny.
Wysing Arts Centre
Wysing Arts Centre
08:31 05 Aug 21
Huge thank you to Jenny and Nikki at The Bridge First Aid for delivering our First Aid at Work course to members of our team. From the initial enquiry to the completion of training it was a positive experience. Jenny worked with us to choose the right training for us and was flexible with finding dates. Nikki provided engaging, fun and most importantly memorable training and helped to build confidence to provide high quality, safe First Aid. We would highly recommend them for your training.
Laura Swinburne
Laura Swinburne
18:30 13 Jun 21
The quality of this course was good, professional with friebdly staff, good layouts and very informative course material. Communication was effective qnd organised well right from signup! The course layout was well and nothing wqs too much hastle for the instructor.
Ian Nunn
Ian Nunn
14:27 09 Jun 21
We had Nikki train a group of 4 of us; 2 who have already completed a first aid course, 2 who hadn't (me being in the latter). Her teaching style was very laid back, which helps the group relax and enjoy themselves. She was able to recall many examples with great detail, of previous emergencies that she was either involved with directly, or heard from other first aid instructors. This definitely helped us to remember signs, symptoms and correct courses of action when faced with first aid emergencies.She was patient and answered any and all questions we had, and we all passed with high marks.Couldn't recommend enough for anyone seeking first aid training, either for first timers or for refreshers.
Sarah Groom
Sarah Groom
14:25 17 May 21
Jenny came to do a first time/refresher course to our mixed group of youth workers and Community Centre managers. The course was interesting, informative and very practical about dealing with real life situations. It was also run strictly to Covid regulations. Jenny is very friendly and relaxed and happy to answer all sorts of questions and I finished feeling much more empowered and comfortable about having to deal with a first aid situation.
Liz Diamond
Liz Diamond
17:39 01 May 21
The Bridge First Aid for the workplace training was really excellent. I have been on previous first aid courses which were easily forgettable however the trainer on this course was knowledgeable and explained the content in terms of why certain methods are used. This made the content relevant and memorable. Every step was taken to be socially distanced and the use of the CPR dummies was done in a way everyone was comfortable with. I would highly recommend this Company for training.
Kacey Dean
Kacey Dean
23:50 24 Apr 21
Jenny was a lovely, easy to talk to first aid trainer. I feel like I learnt a lot in this session from the way she explained things so clearly and straight to the point with anecdotes.
agnieszka Echolc
agnieszka Echolc
18:48 17 Apr 21
Professional approach and friendly atmosphere throughout the course. I recommend it wholeheartedly (
11:05 21 Mar 21
I am so impressed. I just did my second course with this company and they are very professional yet approachable. The courses are well organised and access to extra materials is exceptional. They really help me to feel confident about first aid and I will definitely go back to them next time.
Anna Webb
Anna Webb
18:58 19 Mar 21
Enjoyed the 2 day MHFA course. Jenny was a great instructor. Highly recommend.
Nessa Taylor
Nessa Taylor
08:05 22 Feb 21
We have used The Bridge First Aid for many years now and have always found them to be professional and friendly. They have a reassuring technique that builds confidence and great instructors that tailor to the individuals in the group. Highly recommend this company for your training needs.
Cara Anderson
Cara Anderson
13:24 01 Feb 21
From start to finish the course was excellent!!The communication was clear and reassuring in the current circumstances.The online training resource is very informative and easy to use.The practical day was organised very well and I felt safe the whole day.The trainer was very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to teach in different ways to work around Covid restrictions.Thank you!!
Jonas Thursby
Jonas Thursby
12:23 04 Jan 21
A very informative yet enjoyable course. The course was very well delivered and a great confidence builder. Would highly recommend.
Sharna Louise McNally
Sharna Louise McNally
17:32 03 Jan 21
I thoroughly enjoyed this first aid course. Jenny made the day really engaging and interesting in this strange covid time. Would recommend!
Michael Harrison
Michael Harrison
11:05 18 Oct 20
Can I just say that this first aid course was the best ever first aid course that I have ever attended. Normally I get ever bored with any courses but I really injoyed this one . top marks to you the bridge first aid 👌
James Lawless
James Lawless
21:23 14 Oct 20
I attended the blended 16hr course to obtain my Outdoor First aid certificate. Jenny’s style is engaging and underpinned by her own real-world experience which I found both reassuring and engaging. She was able to dispense advice using first-hand accounts as well as delivering what the course syllabus requires for the qualification. The blended part of the course was useful as I was able to listen to other experiences from people who were in the practical session renewing qualifications that weren’t necessarily outdoor related. I would definitely recommend Jenny.
Mel Campany
Mel Campany
16:20 14 Oct 20
Jenny has been delivering outstanding first aid training to my nursery for many years now. The bridge first aid educates the staff with a blended online and in classroom learning.Jenny’s understanding a passion for teaching others these lifesaving skills really inspires each one of her learners.We highly recommend The Bridge, thank you Jenny!
Anselm Priest
Anselm Priest
09:09 06 Oct 20
Attended the 2 day mental health first aid course. Really insightful and important during this current time.Highly Recommended!
Haverhill Gateway
Haverhill Gateway
15:17 15 Jul 20
A very thoughtful, practical and enjoyable course, delivered in a friendly manner. Jenny had adapted course well to fulfill social distancing requirements.
Andy Paterson
Andy Paterson
21:16 23 Feb 20
Jenny came to Howlies today and delivered an amazing course, very enjoyable and relaxed tutoring and she instantly made the group feel welcome and want to participate.Her knowledge and resources were brilliant and she encouraged questions at any time.Very much recommend Jenny and the bridge 😊
Jodie Greenfield
Jodie Greenfield
18:23 23 Feb 20
I found this course really informative and helpful. The instructor was very friendly and down to earth. It was very practical so will be easy to make use of it in my dogwalking business.
gary alexander
gary alexander
16:45 09 Feb 20
If you want a course that will give you the confidence to act in emergency this is for you. Not only will Jenny give you the tools to deal with a first aid situation, but most importantly for everyone, the determination to try.Gary
Gillian Bradley
Gillian Bradley
22:49 16 Sep 19
I thoroughly enjoyed this first aid course. Jenny made the day really interesting and engaging and gave us all lots to think about. I loved how relaxed and approachable Jenny was, throughout the day and how she included relevance to horses and dogs!too! All really useful and incredibly valuable information relevant to my work. A really interesting day whichI can highly recommend. Thank you so much.
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Haverhill Research Park, The Epicentre Enterprise Way, Haverhill, Cambridge CB9 7LR.

If coming along the A1307 past Linton when you get to the roundabout with the spirit of enterprise structure (that looks like a giant kitchen roll, it’s actually a cotton reel) turn left, the car park is the 1st turning on the right. If you are coming through Haverhill town past Sainsburys, carry on past the Shuttle pub which is on the left and the car park for the Epicentre is on the left just before you get to the kitchen roll roundabout.

Free parking on site, Refreshments provided

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