Public face to face first aid and mental health first aid courses in Cambridgeshire and surrounding counties continues throughout lockdown.

The ONS reveals that more men are dying at home from heart disease

Access to first aid training is more important than ever.

Between March and September 2020, there were 24,387 more deaths in England than expected in private homes, and 1,644 in Wales. The large majority did not involve Covid-19. More men than normal are dying at home from heart disease in England and Wales, and more women are dying from dementia and Alzheimer’s the Office for National Statistics found. Full report and data in the link below.

What can we do to support local?

The Bridge First Aid’s Covid-19 November 2020 update

First aid training will continue through lockdown. Not to mention with deaths at home significantly higher than normal – basic life support skills are vital for everyone

First aid training is mandated. You have a “duty of care” to your employees and customers.

In a bid to responsibly support our local community through the coming months:

  • We have scheduled addition public paediatric and first aid at work course dates for individuals, or groups, to access quality affordable training in a safe and comfortable setting.
  • We have secured flexible access to an extra-large, comfortable venue, not used by the public during this time, just outside Cambridge City. Ideal for group bookings should your office space, nursery or warehouse not be suitable.
  • Each learner is given their very own infant, child and adult manikin, and entertaining training exercise props, for the duration of the course.
  • In response to public demand and curiosity we include simple evidence based real time tools on mental health first aid which are weaved into the course.
  • We have a FREE online first aid course with for older school aged children and a free online training programme for families, vital for parents right now whist they may lack access to community provisions.
  • We also have a free suicide awareness training programme which takes just 25 minutes to complete.

It’s a serious subject matter but we have a reputation for having a lot of fun with it.

Any questions. Fire away.

PS don’t play with fireworks.

I am still haunted by the Scary 1970’s Firework Safety Public Information Films. If your as old as me,  you may know what I’m talking about. I just got side-tracked and looked these up on YouTube and even as an adult who is by no means precious, was remined why they scared the living daylights out of me. I may show my teens…?


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