Free: Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA) Suicide Awareness Training

Free: Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA) Suicide Awareness Training


The Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA) is a collaboration of National Health Service trusts, charities, businesses and individuals who are all committed to suicide prevention in the UK and beyond. “We are an alliance of people and organisations coming together around one basic principle: Suicide is preventable.” Zero Suicide Alliance

The Bridge First Aid is proud to be a ZSA member organisation.

This training can be challenging for some individuals. Please make sure you have someone supportive nearby. 

About this course

The Bridge First Aid is proud to be a Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA) member organisation. To learn more please visit the ZSA website.

The ZSA provide a range of awareness training resources for a better understanding of the signs to look out for and skills required to approach someone who is struggling, whether that be through social isolation or suicidal thoughts.

There are 3 training modules. The ZSA recommend you start at Step 1 – the ‘Step Up’ Social Isolation Module and work your way up to the Gateway Module and on to the ZSA Suicide Awareness Training

The ZSA is ultimately concerned with improving support for people contemplating suicide by raising awareness of, and promoting, FREE suicide prevention training which is accessible to all.

Step 2 – Gateway Training that gives those who are interested a taster of how to approach someone who is struggling and takes about 10 minutes.

Step 3 – Advanced training that takes around 25 minutes to complete and gives you the skills and awareness to recognise when someone may be contemplating taking their own life.

Please visit our resource library where you can find more information and resources for suicide prevention.


The ZSA training has been developed to be as user friendly and accessible as possible. However the training has not been designed for young people specifically.

"The Zero Suicide Alliance has been known for the training we offer to anyone, who wants to gain awareness of suicide in the UK.”

Beyond this the Alliance works with stakeholders from across the country in the joint aim of reducing suicide. Our overriding mission is to bring people together and to share what works, facilitating the changes necessary to achieve our mission of zero suicide."
ZSA 2020

Course topics

Step 1 - 'Step Up' Social Isolation Module
Step Up Module
The Step up module gives you a brief introduction to social isolation, and how to help someone who may be isolated. In 5-10 minutes this module covers adjusting to the new normal following the Coronavirus, and takes into account the significant changes in how many of us live and work.
Step 2 - ZSA Gateway Module
Gateway Module
Recently launched, A very brief introduction to suicide awareness. In just 5-10 minutes, you could learn skills to help someone considering suicide.
This module will give you tips on how to approach someone if you are worried they may considering taking their own life.
Step 3 - ZSA Suicide Awareness Training
ZSA Suicide Awareness Training
A more in depth suicide awareness training session which takes approximately 20 minutes. It aims to give you the skills and confidence to help someone who may be considering suicide. It focuses on breaking stigma and encouraging open conversations.


Learners can download a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.

Additional information

Please visit the ZSA website FAQ’S page or contact us directly with your questions


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