First Aid is the common thread amongst our diverse range of courses. But what do we actually mean by fist aid?

The clue is in our name.

You might recall the three P’s, or the aim’s of first aid. Our experience suggests otherwise. We all have memories like a sieve. Generally when asked, the response is just a guessing game.

The three P’s is taught universally on all first aid training programmes. Does it even ring a bell? Preserve life, Prevent worsening and Promote recovery.

We explain it differently.

First Aid is not about making someone ‘better’ or ‘fixing’ something. First aid is immediate and often temporary.

The 3 P’s are an immediate (First) bridge (Aid) help.

A bridge to preserve life, prevent worsening and promote recovery. Metaphorically speaking there are a lot of ways to die. Recovery is a journey, not a destination. This basic concept behind first aid, can be applied your body, mind, and spirit. Your colleagues and community. Your family and animals. Your passions, your work, your life. What is your first point off call? What skills can you access to preserve all life.