Over the past few months we have had our share of virtual training. Both as a training provider and a learner. This post is short and not about the pros and cons of virtual interaction. Warning, you may need to ponder over this one.

This post is about memory.

The live video technology is great, Zoom shares are through the roof. BUT something is missing.

We came up with a training formula for our face to face courses. It doesn’t work well on live video sessions. If you are reading this and have further thoughts or questions about what it means, we would love to hear from you.

Learning in our group classroom setting will significantly improve your recall. We made a formula about our training methods. The devil is in the detail.

Intellectual Intelligence (IQ) Emotional intelligence (EQ) Kinaesthetic Intelligence (KQ)

Recall = (IQ + EQ  + KQ = Experience)

You choose your path; we will bridge the gap.