Scheduled practical first aid courses in Cambridgeshire & Suffolk responsibly continue.

If you are unsure of your legal requirements please see our easy to follow guide here

For childcares remember that is is a legal requirement to have at least one person with a valid full 12-hour paediatric first aid certificate, available at all times, this includes cover for sickness.

Both mental health first aid and traditional physical first aid training share these common features.

Recognising changes, understanding the complexities of those changes, ‘bridging a gap’, and signposting. Neither are not about diagnosis or ‘fixing’.

Today’s reality is with all frontline health services stretched to the absolute limits right now, that the gap is getting wider by the hour.

It’s our job to ensure you have access to functional skills when you need them most. Our COVID secure training style is inclusive and kind. Adrenalin up, learning down. Adrenalin down, learning up.

Lets help each other during this difficult time.

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Sole use of an Infant child and adult CRP manikin for each individual student