Mental health first aid training demonstrates a commitment towards promoting positive mental health and preventing work related stress.

The HSE Chief executive Sarah Albon launched “working minds” this week.

“The campaign encourages employers to promote good mental health in work.”

Working Minds raises awareness about how to recognise and respond to the signs of stress.

Work-related stress is now the number one cause of employee sickness absence, with major factors including workload pressures – tight deadlines, too much responsibility and a lack of managerial support.

Working Minds is aimed specifically at supporting small businesses by providing employers and workers with advice that is easy to implement, including simple steps to introduce the principles of the stress management standards.”

Source: HSE Weekly Digest November 2021

Have you considered Mental Health First Aid training for your organisation?

Your employer has legal obligations to support employees’ health, safety, and wellbeing. Training in Mental Health First Aid demonstrates their commitment towards promoting positive mental health during this difficult time.

“Even before the pandemic took hold, it was estimated that mental health issues cost UK employers up to £45 billion a year.

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, the law requires all employers to prevent work related stress to promote, support and sustain good mental health in the workplace.

The Working Minds campaign brings together a range of tools and support to help businesses and workers understand the best ways to prevent work related stress and encourage good mental health.”

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