So in the spirit of Christmas – which we delayed until a time when all the good will had wilted, and resolutions broken, we finally delivered a basic Canine First aid and CPR course to a group of very appreciative and enthusiastic dog owners and animal lovers who were staying at Jimmy’s Cambridge. We did manage to choose the coldest night of the year ironically.

I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed delivering the course and learnt some quite incredible stories of both rural and urban pet first aid at its best!

Well done to the participants who attended the course, certificates are on their way.

Would you let a homeless person walk, feed or watch, your dog, would you give them a chance? Dogs are a great judge of character.

We are looking forward to visiting staff and volunteers again at Jimmy’s Cambridge, and Cambridge Winter Comforts for the homeless later in the year when we are fully accredited by MHFA England to deliver the adult mental health First aid courses.

According to a recent report 37% of working families are just a month’s pay packet from losing their homes. Mental health and physical health does not discriminate. Society does a good job of that (and it’s not always conscious)

Simple skills save lives.

More about Jimmy’s

For over 20 years, Jimmy’s has been providing help for the homeless in Cambridge. They work with the local Community, Volunteers and Partner agencies to deliver 24/7 emergency accommodation and supported housing for those who would otherwise be homeless or vulnerably housed.

“No hope, no job until Jimmy’s stepped in”

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