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Essential Babysitting First Aid

Infant and child basic life support and first aid in a home environment.

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If you have a group of 5 or more either request a classroom date and time or we will come to your home for no extra cost. Free handy travel First Aid Kit for every learner.

Refreshments and drinks are provided. Certificates posted within 7 working days of the course.


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  • Classroom


    Duration: 3 to 4 hours. 1 or 2 day level 3 Paediatric courses are also available for learners from 14 years old

    Price: £49 per student including manuals, certificates, CPR child & infant posters and more.

  • Online


    Price: £29.95 including manual and CPD time credit conformation

  • Blended


    Price: £29 + Practical on site skills session with pet CPR manikins - costs vary depending on numbers

About this course

Students will attend a three hour practical classroom course.  During the practical sessions students will learn what to do in an emergency, what IS an emergency, whilst caring for thier own or someone else’s children.

Ideal for Babysitters, Parents and Grandparents. If you are a teacher, or work within the childcare sector or wish to take a more in depth 'work based' course, we recommend our Certified Paediatric 12 Hour 2 day Infant and Child First Aid. Level 3 (PFA) which meets Ofsted and EYFS requirements.



The class is engaging, interactive and fun. It provides opportunity to practice with the manikins and discuss different scenarios and how to respond. A convenient introduction to real life first aid. The classroom session includes:

Caring for infants and children in a home environment.
When and who to call for help.
The differences between adults, Infants and children when considering first aid provision.
Dealing with an unconscious Infant and child.
Dealing with an unconscious infant or child that is not breathing.
Choking ; recognition and action for an infant and child.
Understanding anaphylaxis, allergies and poisons - focused on items around the home.
Febrile convulsions
Head Injury’s
How to Handle the Little Things. Nosebleeds, Minor Injuries.
Proof of learning

Students will complete a practical assessment and receive a certificate upon successful completion.

The online course which we recommend learners complete prior to the classroom session confirms student comprehension in two ways. The first is through the pre-test. Students are asked pre-test questions after each group of videos to confirm understanding of the major points within those videos.

After the training section, students are asked to take a final test. They must score an 80% or better to pass. The student is able to take the test again if they are not successful on the first attempt. The test is comprised of multiple choice, scenario-based questions.


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