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Selecting A Mental Health First Aid Provider (Instructor)

We hope to make this as easy as possible to compare like with like.

There are plenty of Mental Health First aid providers to choose from we hope you find this page useful when making your selection.

Consider and compare experience, cost, availability, and suitability. Ask questions based on a level playing field. What is your day rate? How may courses have you delivered? What is your availability? Why should we select you?

As the HSE no longer approves first-aid training and qualifications. It is the responsibility of the employers to select first-aid training providers. We would advise caution when choosing a training provider, whether you're looking for a mental health first aid course or any training, the quality and safety of courses provided by other training providers cannot be guaranteed. There are now many companies offering Mental Health First Aid, please check if they are approved to deliver the MHFA England courses. 


The Instructor Training Portfolio

All Approved MHFA Instructors (also called associates or national trainers) have completed the ‘Train the trainer course’ which is a rigorous programme of 7 full days in the classroom plus additional project work and assessments spread over a period of two to three months. The Instructor Training programme is accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health. Instructors are trained to keep people safe and supported while they learn.

You may want to know how many courses the trainer has delivered since they completed the initial training. Ask for references or check their testimonials. Individual MHFA instructors can elect to become a ‘national trainer’ if they wish only once they have completed a minimum of 10 deliveries with consistent good or very good feedback. A national trainer is an MHFA England Instructor who also delivers throughout the UK for national organisations who arrange regular training through MHFA England. National trainers will have experience but may lack availability.

All MHFA England trainers are required to co deliver at least 2 full courses with consistently good feedback in order to be approved by MHFA England to deliver solo. They are also expected to attend one MHFA England Regional Networking Event a year and keep up to date with the mental health subject area through CPD.


Perhaps this is the swiftest way to filter applicants in the first instance. Two day courses do not need to be completed on consecutive days but day 1 and day 2 do need to be completed within one month of each other. We feel a week between day 1 and day 2 works well and offers time for reflection.


Establish a day rate

The easiest way to make a comparison is to request or work out the trainer’s day rate by subtracting the cost of training packs. These packs are only available from MHFA England via an approved Instructor. Some trainers also increase their rate in line with delegate numbers. You may even have a proposal were two trainers are offered.

We believe a fair day rate for this type of training is between £450 and £700 including vat. At the higher end you would expect support in some capacity following the delivery. National Trainers may also quote higher although an associate may have more experience and availability than a national trainer. (As explained above under the Instructor training portfolio)


The cost price of training packs which include an individual evidence based manual, a workbook and an action card, are outlined below.

2 Day MHFA Training courses: £25 per person (Max class size 16)

1 day MHFA Champion £20 per person (Max class size 16)

Half day All MHFA £13 per person (Max class size 25)

Optional MHFAEngland branded extras

Lanyards £1.20, bags £4.20, badges £2.40, Pens £1.20

What else is included and what are you providing?

Travel, Training Materials - Flip charts, stationary, projector, sound, venue, refreshments, lunch, parking. Some trainers also charge for overnight accommodation depending on their location. We think there are enough credible local trainers throughout the UK to avoid this unless your organisation has multiple sites and you prefer consistency.

Additional Skills 

Additional skills and knowledge in teaching, public speaking and managing groups. Relevant education within the field. What does the fancy title really mean?

Trust and Reliability

If this is not their main job, do they have business or public liability insurance, and appropriate account declarations? Are they a decision maker?


Another helpful deciding factor may be around the industry in which the trainer has specialist skills or prior experience, for example the public sector, education or the NHS. The corporate wold, finance or pharma. The construction industry or sports.

The 2013 amendment to regulation 3(2) of the Health and Safety (First-aid) Regulations 1981 removed the requirement for HSE to approve the training and qualifications of appointed first-aid personnel.

What we offer

For an onsite delivery we charge £525 per day including VAT plus the training packs (see costs above) times the number of delegates. For illustration purposes 10 delegates attending a two day adult MHFA course will cost £525 x 2 + £25 x 10 = £1300.00 including VAT

We also include complementary lanyards and MHFAider display posters to accompany your physical first aider display list. On-going support and advice with integrating MHFA into your organisation and discounts on all subsequent Mental Health First Aid courses or physical and even animal first aid courses.

We are happy to chat on the phone or pop in at your convenience if you are in the Cambridge City or surrounding area or London based. We are be happy provide additional information about our client portfolio and areas of expertise. We are also happy to recommend other trainers, both associate and national trainers throughout the UK from our own experience of working together.

Good luck with the training, the MHFA England courses are fabulous credible evidenced based products. We are also able to deliver bespoke training and our new and exciting 'Parity First Aid' courses' were we deliver Physical and Mental health as a combined course.


It’s a curious thing that traditional physical first aid training does not provoke such levels of scrutiny. 



Burning Question? We always respond pretty swiftly.

Professional helpful service with a transparent fair pricing policy. Choose from a convenient selection of scheduled public course dates or in house group delivery. Onsite training or comfortable venues with free parking provided. Bespoke tailored syllabus available. Online e learning or blended courses. Replacement certificate and manual. Free guidance on appropriate accreditation, health and safety legislation and first aid risk assessment. Pet or canine first aid. Schools first aid. Mental Health in the workplace training. Paediatric first aid. Anaphylaxes auto injector, Epipen training. Defibrillator (AED) training. First aid for schools. First aid for healthcare professionals. Annual refresher or requalification course. Babysitting or sports first aid and more...  

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