Face to face classroom course: Follow up resources

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Statistics for common mental health disorders (with references)

Depression, anxiety, suicide, self-harm, eating disorders, psychosis and schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, alcohol, drugs and mental health.

Fact sheet: Mental ill health in LGBT+ and BAME communities

Information relating to mental ill health and its impact on LGBT+ and BAME communities

Mental ill health in the UK armed forces

We provide this as an easy guide for people to refer to for the latest statistics.

Download: A whole University Framework For Mental Health

Ready to use framework to support staff and student well being.

Mental ill health in higher education students

Reference list for all updated statistics cited in the Higher Education MHFA

Mental Health First Aider badges

Mental Health First Aider badge, for stationary or e-mail signature.

MHFA International

working towards a world where everyone has the first aid skills to support people with mental health problems.

Understanding Young Peoples Menatl Health

Key facts about mental ill health in those under the age of 24

The Cognitive Bias Codex

Non judgemental listening is not as straight forward as you think.

Mental Health First Aid in the community with Tom Chapman

Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50 in the UK. Tom explains "Men are often known for not talking about their feelings or their mental health..."

Higher Education Mental Health First Aid

Jennifer and Thomas share their experiences of mental ill health at university, and Mental Health First Aider Ram talks about using her skills to support students and colleagues.

Mental Health First Aid in construction with Steve Fennell at Lendlease

When Kirk's daughter, Holly, was diagnosed with an eating disorder, his world fell apart.

Positive Mental Health During COVID 19