Keeping your skills current

After your course

We hope you enjoyed your first aid course. Your discount code used to access this page can be redeemed against any of our classroom courses including Animal courses and Mental Health courses.

Your wall mount certificate will be posted within 7 working days of the course. Regulated certificates may take a little longer.

Don’t forget your refresher video of the week below.

For Paediatric First Aid courses, your certificate details will be required for evidence as part of your registration with Ofsted. For First aid at Work courses your certificate can be used as evidence required by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in line with your industry specific guidelines. If you require a replacement for any reason let us know.

Don't forget....

If you are not sure what to do…. just do something!

Please remember, it’s better to try and help than be that passive bystander, your most valuable tool is your voice, and verbal reassurance goes a long way whilst you are assessing the situation.

Functional, not perfect ……. because life is not perfect.

As you can see from the real footage below, functional skills save lives.

Your instructor will have made reference to this during your recent classroom course. We appreciate our clients have varying degrees of tolerance towards this kind of media, therefore we do not always share these clips during the training. There is no obligation to watch however we think they really highlight learning.

Man choking on food: 1.38 mins

Watch the chap by the window, remember he cannot speak so he stands up to get attention. This clip highlights the force required when giving abdominal thrust.

Seizure following a head injury: 1.40 mins

Cation warning, there is some minimal swearing on this footage and it’s not for the fainthearted (no blood) The outcome was good, and this lad was back on his board just days later. (with a helmet)

AED on Bondi Beach: 8.25 mins

Real Bondi Lifeguards Resuscitate Korean Tourist Ryan Kim. Notice how them must drag him onto dry sand before issuing a defibrillator.

Heart attack, CPR and AED: 8.10 mins

Chris Solomon arrived at work feeling unwell, his colleagues assessed him, and it quickly became apparent he was suffering from a massive heart attack. Within minutes Chris had gone into cardiac arrest.

Training video of the week

Remember, its your responsibility to keep your skills current. Its our responsibility to support your endeavours.

First Aid at Work

Paediatric First Aid

Chris Solomon

“I would just like to say something to those who think that the compression’s were not good enough or we’re completely wrong. I am sorry to say this but I could not give a damn whether they were bad or not, THEY SAVED MY LIFE. The precordial thump did work because it broke my sternum. They are my colleagues and they did what they had to.”