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Implementing & Applying Mental Health First Aid at Work

Wondering how mental health awareness and mental health first aid can be strategically integrated into your organisation?

The HSE recommends that all workplaces have ‘mental health trained first aiders’.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is a UK government agency responsible for the encouragement, regulation and enforcement of workplace health, safety and welfare, and for research into occupational risks in Great Britain.

For Employers 

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learn the strategy for supporting your staff and empowering your Mental Health First Aiders to perform their role effectively. 

For Employees

(or anyone who has attended a Mental Health First Aid training course)

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When you are trained as a physical first aider for your workplace you will learn about 'your roles and responsibilities as a first aider' for example keeping the first aid kit up to date, accident reporting, contacting the EMS, reassuring the casualty, using barriers and keeping yourself safe. How does this compare to your mental health first aid roles and responsibilities?

What are your roles and responsibilities as a Mental Health First Aider?

We believe it is helpful for mental health first aiders to view this as an integral part of their traditional 'job description'. Raisng awarness of these duties amoungst collegeues is key, just like they know who has been trainined in CPR and who to call for a plaster.


Search by industry sector and utilise the toolkits most relevant to your business needs

The Mental Health at Work website is the most comprehensive and easy to use resource.

The Mental Health at Work gateway provides easy access to tools and information to help support employee wellbeing for organisations of any size.

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Concerns about colleges abusing the system

Would you feel comfortable calling in sick due to stress? Is the stress causing anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, substance misuse, or has other unhelpful coping strategies caused you to become ill? 

Will you go in anyway although you are not being productive, you keep a low profile.

When investigating lived experience, feedback from clients and analysing the mentor study (below) we notice that when staff call in sick with a virus they may be suffering with a mental health issue or their poor mental health has led to poor productivity, low self-esteem or inability to work effectively. Sigma, fear, and lack of self-awareness may unintentionally prevent them from being honest. Anxiety, depression, stress, or sleep deprivation, has led them to become unwell mentally, physically or both. With increased Mental Health awareness and education, over time, staff absenteeism and presentism figures should improve.

We understand that this is a tricky area to measure however and not an overnight job. Encouraging openness and honesty is challenging as employees fear their employment and reputation.


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